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Advantages of Using Paper Straws

There are varying types of straws like glass, metal, bamboo, paper, and plastic straws. More restaurants, parties, and homes are using paper straws more than all the other types of straws even though these straws have been invented after the others have been existing for decades. These are the benefits that are making more people embrace the use of paper straws.

They are biodegradable hence they are safe for the environment. Natural fiber which is recycled paper is used to manufacture paper straws. The main advantage of paper straws is that they cannot be recycled, but they are renewable resources. More trees will grow health for more paper to be made because the straws decompose and create manures. In this world of heavy pollution, everyone has a role to play to salvage the earth from excessive pollution of non-biodegradable materials. The future generations from your children henceforth need your help to protect the environment from pollution so that they can have safe earth to live on.

Paper straws are safe for human beings because they cause no harm to your health. The materials that are used to make the paper straws are approved by the FDA. FDA experts test and approve the ink and glue that should be used among other materials to make the paper straws using equipment that outputs highly accurate results because they are made of advanced technology. No harmful dyes or coloring agents are used to make the straws that can make the straws not safe for use when taking cold or warm beverages. You alimentary canal is the most affected part of your body when you use straws that have harmful coloring agents and dyes because as one uses the straw, they dissolve in the drinks and get into the body to cause harm.

You can seep tiny glasses in the drink unknowingly if the glass straw breaks without your knowledge. Check metallic straw carefully before using it to ensure that there is no rust inside because they corrode, the rust can mix in the drink and upset your stomach. Warm drinks that you take using plastic straws contain chemicals from the straws because the chemicals dissolve in the drinks and slowly accumulate inside your body to cause harm.

They are cheaper than any other types of straw. They cannot be reused or recycled because they get damaged quickly. However, since they are the cheapest, there is no need for your restaurant or your party to have other types of straws because they are hygienic.

They are made of various designs to suit your needs. They have varying lengths to fit in containers of varying heights. They are decorated in different shapes and colors to draw the attention of the customers. Some drinks flow slowly while others flow quickly hence you need straws of the appropriate size to seep the drinks comfortably without straining your cheeks and lips.
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