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The Anti-Aging and Health Benefits of Idebenone

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is achieved using different methods. Since time immemorial, the basics of living a healthy lifestyle includes eating the right food and engaging in activities and exercises. When it comes to the food you eat, going for vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants is an effective way of keeping your skin glowing and youthful. Antioxidants are not only found in the fruits and vegetables that you eat. Now, there are various supplements with antioxidant content that you can take advantage to keep yourself healthy. From these supplements, often you will find idebenone, the most potent antioxidant ingredient to be present inside. These days, you will find a lot of products that contain idebenone. In addition to health supplements, anti-aging skin care products also contain idebenone, a wonderful antioxidant ingredient. Before you ever think to buy idebenone, you have to know why it offers many health and anti-aging benefits.

One of the most potent of the six popular antioxidants many people have heard of is idebenone. When it comes to most anti-aging creams and serums, though, other sources of antioxidants are most common such as green tea and ascorbyl palmitate. Nevertheless, idebenone is slowly gaining recognition in the general population. From the six well-known antioxidants, idebenone seems to be the one that has bragged the top position for the most efficient and effective antioxidant there is. This study was done to find out how free-radical skin damage can be prevented.

Idebenone comes from the naturally-occurring CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10 as a synthetic analog. CoQ10 plays the vital role of being an antioxidant component of the lipid membranes surrounding the different organelles found inside cells as well as those surrounding all cells. In simple terms, this component is a cell energizer with the ability to produce the essential energy needed for the reproduction of cells.

And yet, you have to note that there is something different about idebenone from CoQ10. During a low oxygen condition inside the body or cells, CoQ10 can change their anti-oxidizing function to an auto-oxidizing one. This auto-oxidation process will then be responsible for the rapid production of free radicals in the body, putting the tissues under damaging conditions. For such a scenario, idebenone has been proven to prevent damages from free radicals while keeping cell ATP levels in normal range.

For you to know the benefits that idebenone brings about in aging, you have to understand the process of mitochondria in cells. The richest sites of idebenone and CoQ10 are the mitochondrial cells. Mitochondrial DNA is responsible for the production of mitochondria. As you go through the normal process of aging, mtDNA gets more damaged, making the mitochondria produced to be less effective in terms of energy generation. Cells that get the bulk of these damaging effects include your brain, heart muscle, and skeletal muscle cells. As a result, diseases develop as you age. Through the consumption of idebenone, you can reduce mitochondrial free radicals. Idebenone helps increase mtDNA production and helps with aging.

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