Three Unexpected Ways You Can Use Laser Cutters

When it comes to versatility, laser cutters blow the competition out of the water. They cut intricate patterns into wood, glass, and metal with ease. Personalized gifts are a breeze with lasers that can program designs and pictures for ready application. According to the staff at boss lasers, makers all around the world are branching out into different materials and uses for these powerhouses of the workshop. Here are three ways to use lasers that you may not have heard of yet.

Fabric can be etched with a laser cutter. Leather, linen, and even nylon can be cut with a laser. Designs can be duplicated on item after item. Suppose you are making shirts for your team. Simply purchase the plain t-shirts and transfer your team’s logo onto the shirt. Jeans look fabulous when “tattooed” with a distinct design. The steps are simple. Once the design has been uploaded, lay the fabric flat on a hard surface and let the laser make its passes over the material. Individual cuts are shallow to keep your fabric strong.

Are you a scrapbooker on the lookout for rubber stamps? If you haven’t found the perfect stamp for an upcoming project, why not make your own with a laser. Since rubber emits noxious odors, many hobbyists choose special no-odor laser polymer sheets. Because lasers can cut with such fine detail, the net result is clear stamps on your pages. You can choose to copy logos or artwork for your stamps or design your own. Once the designs are uploaded, start cutting. Lasers are easy to use, which is why scrapbookers love them.

Architects and interior designers often show models of their proposed work to clients to snag the job. Those 3D replications help illustrate the final look they are going for. Building models doesn’t have to be a chore when a laser is used. The various parts can be quickly assembled to win a job in record time.

If you have been thinking about getting a laser but weren’t sure how well they work, consider trying one for an upcoming project. Your computer artwork comes to life expertly in many more ways than merely engraving on wood, glass, or metal. However, they do a great job on those materials as well.